Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where is your humanity?

I searched the world
but found it in only a few
i travelled the world
saw nothing but fog and dew

when there was a clear blue sky
none cared for it
now all search for peace and sanity
for clear sky is all they plead
but i ask you where is your humanity

brothers and sisters
care for your fathers
care for your mothers
care for the others

everyone is sickened
down with selfishness n insanity
the belts need to be fastend
i ask you
where is your humanity?

Times Change

Going down the memory lanes 
i want to walk it once again 
relive the good old days 
and forget all my sufferings and pain 

everythng has changed 
the friends so innocent 
everything has matured 
we have learnt to pretend 

where are those days 
when we used to run around 
when we used to play on open grounds 
when we had true friends 
when even santa felt real 

times have changed 
now everything is different 
reality speaks on our face 
no one in this world is safe

Following Sin

Nowhere to go 
nowhere to hide 
you are trapped 
in the world of your own 

you followed the sins 
used everyone for your own selfish means 
now you pay for your deed 
betrayl, ego, greed 

everyone has left you 
sinful you had been 
for your own benefits 
you had turned to sin 

everyone were on the same boat 
a boat that capsized 
while you followed the currents 
other swam against to safety and survived 

you got back what you gave to others 
no one cared for you 
as you cared for none 

you are trapped 
in your world 
world full of sins 
world where its legal to use wrong means