Saturday, June 16, 2012

Open the doors

Look at the sky 
the stars are bright 
the heaven shines 
open the doors 
i want to come home 

i am lost in this world 
in this crowd of inhuman beings 
away from my home 
feels i am all alone 

selfless sacrifices i made 
no word was said 
no one tried to help me in the good deed 
i felt like an innocent child in this world of greed 

i promised to change this world 
i was an angel in heaven 
but am in a mortal 
trapped n cursed 
it was a blessing 
but has changed for worse 

open the doors mother 
i dont want to stay alone 
open the doors mother 
i want to come home

Dawn by the sea

Misty breeze from the sea 
the sun at the horizon 
the eternal light blinks at me 
feels i m on heaven 

the view so soothing 
never seen before 
hope that it remains like a photograph 
it has mesmerised me into its trap 

walking down the sand 
the gentle winds hitting my face 
the waves crashing at my feet 
the sand castles are gone without a trace 

the sun is bleeding from the clouds 
the inspiring ray of hope 
makes me forget all my sorrows 
helps me strive for a better tommorrow


On my last journey
leaving my mortal body to burn
my soul free of earthly bonds
i rise above

i see none disheartend
all mortals cherish my death
when a mortal i called them friends
now i see they were all fake

the ones who were real
are now immortal souls
waiting for me
in the world so different
different from the one i was in before

while i was on the mortal world
the mortals betrayed me
stabbed me in the back
although the wounds healed
but still i am reminded by the marks

my body is gone
and so are the wounds
but those on my soul exists
they arent healed

my immortal friends can help me
heal the wounds of my mortal life
the one for which i have an arcane hate
the life which i would like to forget

Paradise Island

Bright skies broken clouds 
makes me forget the past 
green pastures all around 
king ,i feel, i have been crowned 

Underneath the tall trees 
feels like my own home to sleep 
master of myself i feel 
with nothng to do 
i uproot a few weed 

Winds blowing at me 
animals, green grasses, birds so free 
these pure souls are my friends 
they ask me to stay forever 

I can seldom leave this island 
the island called paradise 
where flowers wake to the break of dawn 
where birds keep chirpng all day long 
where to wake up i dont need the sound of the gong 

This is where i wanted to be all long 
my dream place 
the place of eternal rest


When I look into the sky 
i see the mighty fire 
i want to fly 
fly into the sky 

smiling at me 
the blue sky is calling 
the lucky birds are up there 
the mist bodies are floating 

i wanna fly way up above the birds 
i want to sleep on the white beds 
its burning down here 
i need a cold place to rest 

Malignant tumor

I can see the light in your eye 
why do you want me to die? 
why do you stab me with a knife? 
why do you want to take my life? 

What did i do? 
Did i betray you? 
Or was i wrong the all time 

why is it that i am the one suffering when i did no wrong? 
why should i suffer without any fault? 
why should i be put to test? 
why should i be laid to rest? 

what did i do? 
who is at fault,me or you? 
why did you shoot me on my chest?


Wake up 
get up 
life's a bitch 
dont sleep 
life is as it is 

you are in a virtual world 
a world without existence 
you may be the god of your dreams 
but in reality you are not even the prince 

get out of your dreams 
get a life 
live your life 
life isnt a dream 
its a black hole 
sucking you deep within 

you dream about prince charming,castles on air 
it aint nothing but your dreamy lair 
you need to wake up 
to see that life is not fair

Lunar Eclipse

The sun has set 
the moon isnt seen 
it was supposed to rise 
this was predicted by the wise 
The moon isnt seen today 
its gloomy n dark 
people cant be seen 
they are hiding in the stark 

its an eclipse today 
the victory of darkness over light 
the shadow of the sun eats up the moon 
n now its right 

the moon borrows light from the sun 
but today the sun has snubbed it 
it has taken back its light 
n given its shadow back 

its the revenge of the sun 
cause the moon uses the selfless sun for its gain 
this has caused the sun,immense pain 
now the selfish moon is left to bite its lips 
its the time for the lunar eclipse