Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jealousy part 1

Lost in the crowd
Locked in her thoughts
Playing in the Devil's playground

Walking through
Dont give a damn
Running through
Cant watch them stand
Infront of her

She hates me
Cause i am close to him
She is too blind to see
He wont cheat

Stubborn like him
Ego clashes
Staring at each other
Waiting for him to wink

She accusses him
Of crimes he dint commit
She loves him
More than anyone else
She cant stand him
Talking to others in her abscence
Possessive she is
All is good but within limit

Jealousy overtakes
Lines are crossed
Shattered hearts
Abuses galore in their talks

Friday, February 22, 2013


Thanks for all the memories
Thats all i have now
Now that you have gone
I cant stand these cold days of my life

As the time trancends
On our cryptic soul
I have no regrets of my own
All these days
i lived with a hope
You will be back

Long ago
I had a fear
Now it is true
You are nowhere near

Wish time could freeze
When i kissed you in the park
Held your hand in the dark
Strolled with you down the road

You ceased to communicate
I tried to speak
I am trying my best
Not to wait
Move on with life
With your memories by my side

As time goes by
I will move on
But these memories will remain
Memories i cherish

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An irony called life

Summer is gone
Leaves fell on the ground
Autumn made me feel
Orange is my life

Winter arrived
People as cold as the weather outside
Broke my trust
Shattered my pride

Problems never leave
Optimistic you have to be
Your concern are constrained
Tend to a cypher
Iota of others'

You call yourself a man
Even when you cant face your soul
You surrender so easily
And expect respect in return
Living this irony called life

Running away from the truth
Acting like a coward
Run all the world around
But you will have to face this
Irony called Life

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dream of Darkness

The final journey eludes my soul
All my life seems a dream
Everyone is tight asleep
Swimming in their dreams deep within

Travelling alone
Darkness all around
Pioneered every skill
To survive this dream

A light called me
Showed me the path
Promised me heaven
Walked in to the trap
Made me believe my dream is reality
Imprionsed in hell
Tearing the walls
Cutting through fence
Unknown force inspired me
My strength remains a mystery

Still living in the dream
Something i never imagined
My world never seamed
So dark from within

Darkness sorrounds
Shadows disappear
Eternal bliss awaits
In the Dream of Darkness

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Unraveling the mysteries of life
Sprinting through the void of time
The light is way behind
A new luminous enthralls

Burdened under your baggage
Hurt by your sudden vanish
Where art thou?
Obsolete you are

Deserve no forgiveness
Grudge no solution
Sins amassed
Absolution i give you
Obsolete you are

I am running away from the burden
A gift unwanted
That pulls me back
Into the infinity of the world
Towards a new life