Friday, December 28, 2012


Entiled power
Fatal use
Against the masses
Selfish cause

Instigating the people
On the grounds of religion
Turning people against each other
On the grounds of region

The golden bird is no more
Our Motherland is run by whores
Everything is a game
Rules only you change

Constitution is just a book
Nothing but ancient rules
Laws are made by illiternate fools
No use to nail goons

Making a mockery of issues
Giving your shit opinions to be in the news
Hypocrisy is your weapon
Who needs terrorist
When we got you

Showing up during elections
Putting up masks to address our problems
Fake words
False sympathy
Hibernating for years
Shedding fake tears

Manipulating the masses
Spreading choas
Triggering insanity
Stealing our wealth

High time
We take a stand
Revolt against you
Put an end to your motherfucking plans
Pull the trigger
Shoot you on your face

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Life is so funny
A few moments ago you were
my best friend
my love
And now you call me a stranger

You confuse me
You are a puzzle
I gave my best
Now what more did you expect

I tried to talk when you were sad
I tried to speak when you were quiet
I held your hand when we walked
I kissed you when you were alone

I did everything i could
I tried everything i should
Yet you fail to understand me
Ignoring me is all that you could do

I want to be with you
To stand by you
I want to hug you when you feel lonely
To let you know
Come may whatever
I will be there for you

Hope you are listening
Hope that you can hear my heart
Hope that you will understand
I love you for being the person you are

I hope that the sun will shine
After this dreadful night
The flowers will bloom in the desert
And i hope that we will survive this storm

Hope its all that i have
Hope keeps me alive
Hope makes me who i am
And because of this hope
I am at this place
The place where i stand

Monday, December 24, 2012

Special one

Times spent with you
The memories so special
The places remind me
Of the times i knew you

I loved you more than i loved anyone else
Although you never felt the same
I am confused on what you felt
A situation harder than anything i ever dealt

You will always be special to me
Hope i could understand what you actually felt
I never meant for situation to be such
Never expected things to change so much

I know things wont stay the same
As it was before
I will still care the same
As it was before

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Being rational

Well the seasons
Come out from oceans
The sun continues to shine

The fortune of failures
Keep me away from whats legally mine

Like the bird on the tree
I wake up every morning
With a feeling in me
That i can conquer everything

This feeling
This thinking
Brings out the best in me
I still know that
however good you may be
You still cant expect
All to love you

Every night i see a dream
That you would be there with me
Although always i knew that
You never loved me

The optimism
Sans rationalism
Told me oneday you would be mine
Now i feel that i was wrong all the time

Still i have a faith
That one day things will change for good
I need to keep enough patience
Cause time needed
Is lot more than it should

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stay with me

What i once dreamed
Is now reality
What i once thought
Is now true
I never in distant thoughts wanted to express my feelings for you

Glad that you asked
Relieving me from my guilt ridden heart
Silencing my conscience
Helping me overcome my forbidden path

But now
Now i feel
you are still stuck in your past
I want to help you overcome it
I want you to know that you are special for me

Like the roses with thorns
I take this as a task
Whether i fail or i succed
I want you to stay with me

Maybe the future holds nothing
Maybe it does
Whatever it maybe
I want you to stay with me

Not as i dreamt of
Not as i thought it would be
I may not be the one for you
But you are very special to me

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Its 12o'clock
and no one's there
you feel her presence
and you are scared

you walk the deserted road
you fear you are being followed
the dogs start howling
they start growling

visualising a person
turning schrizophenic
she turns her head around
calls me for help

The siren is singing her song
Mesmerizing you to come
You try to run away
End up infront of her


When will i understand you
The days that i dont
I feel am stranded on an island
So lonely n cold

Thats days that i do
I start loving you more
Hope these warm days come often
And relieve me from my cold sores

When will you understand me
The fact that i love you
Your eyes hair and walk
Your smile laughter and talks

I always fear
Of losing you as a friend
You are worth more than you think
You are a precious gem


My reflection in the mirror
Speaks of you
Says you are the one
One for me

Always believed him
But never in me
Lacked the unseen force
To tell you what i feel

Introvert, a snail in expressing what i feel
Never expected someone so beautiful
On the outside as well from within
Could be with me

Dreamt of serenity
Unspoken thoughts
Broken words came from within

You solved this jigsaw
That lied within
In the fathom of my heart
That none could ever reach

Free me

Free me from the confusing walls
trapped within
Unsolved maze
No way to exit

Lured into entering the maze
Designed by you to keep others at bay
Unknown that you trapped me
I now regret my craze

Spend a eternity trying to solve the riddle
Your blissful look rendered me helpless
Thoughts of you turned me crazy
An answer is what i ask for
To release me from this prison


I kill your thoughts
I wash your brain
You try meek revolt
But all in vain

I take the name of god
For my the reality of my evil dreams
I take preachings from the holy book
Show you an entry to heaven
You follow the path forsaken
The path to my preaching of killing fellow human beings

You are an unmoulded clay
Whom i mould in the name of god
You shall follow my orders
In your inabreviated form

When you realise your mistake
Its too late
Happy realisation my friend
Its your time to lay to rest

Now i ask
Who is the main culprit?
You who were brainwashed by me?
Or me who brainwashed you?

My Regret

alone i feel today
None can match your presence
your humour your anger
i miss you in your absence
aware of the fact
things cant change

crossroad of life i reached
a descision i had to take
either to have you as a friend
or ask you to walk with me
on the journey of life

my fear came true
i now walk this journey without you
in the process i lost a friend
so i am alone once again
i lie beneath the ruins of my descision
i shouldnt have expressed my feelings i ponder

sometimes i feel i did what was right
sometimes i regret and live my lonely life
in anticipation that we would meet at another crossroad of life
be better friends than before
till the end
untill we die

Change with Time

Waiting for things to change
Time is all i need
Waiting is a war
Patience my sword
Defence is useless
Forge your skill

The armour of tradition
The shield of culture
They are worthless against my arsenal
My sword of reality
My axe of logic
My arrow of truth rips through your mind within

Acceptence of defeat
Is a real man's virtue
Which i fail to see within you
All i see is an egoistic man
Greedy for money and power

The day is near
The day of your apocalypse
When the patient start to revolt against your evil deeds
You shall perish in your own home
No one will remember
Your existence anymore


Creating a phobia amongst common men
Using bestowed powers against people u ought to save
Making the wrong of right
Walking a king's walk and muscling people off

Police police
Fuck the police

Innocents look up to u for hope
Little they know in distant dreams
You are an auctioned material
You see your god only green n red paper
And the rich your owners

Police police
Fuck the police

Children dream of being like you
A saviour a defender of the mass
Reality is unknown for them
You kill innocents
Brand them as terrorists
You torture innocents
Brand them as theives
Whilst you are one of them

Police police
Fuck the police

Corruption is your food your reason to live
Oxygen n water are secondary for you
You breathe money and drink people's blood
Work only when u get an upper thrust

Police police
Fuck the police

Time for anarchy
Time to letgo your upper handed moral policing
Supression of freedom
Time to be free

Police police
Fuck the police

Ganesha - A Myth

Son of shiva
The master of the universe
I am the elephant headed god
Lord Ganesh

Riding the mighty rat
Going around the world
Decapitated by my Father
Unknown that i was his own

Lords searched the world
Searching a mortal's head facing north
Elephant they found
Gifted me its tete

Raced with my brother
To run around the world
Intelligent n witty i am
I ran around my world on my mighty rat
Whilst he ran around his world
On his graceful vehicle

A symbol of intelligence
A inspiration of the world
Believers are never dejected
Granting whatever they wish for

Hypothetical mythical
Yet people believe my existence
Look for someone on their back
For menial jobs of their own

A creation of people's thoughts
Still existing since centuries
Until these foolish mortals use their own thoughts
Question my mere existence
Throw away the superstious following
Live a life of their own


Forsaking my future
Entering the sanity
Peace dwells in subconsious minds
Understanding the worth of life

Toiling for satisfaction of my soul
Unstable it was back then
Seldom bask for glory of my torn self
Sacrifing monetery gain

Satisfaction is a bliss
Developing in my mind's womb
What once was a dream
Reality now it seems

Pressure i couldnt withstand
Took me on a unwanted path
Which lead to worldly name
But strayed me away from my aim

Standing at the crossroad of life
A descisive descion i need to take
Where should i go?
Towards my name or towards my aim

Hold me

Hold my hand
walk with me
hold my hand
stand by me

wen the time is wrong
wen the world is against me
hold my hand
stand by me

i can make time stop
i can fight against the world
u make me feel lyk rajnikanth
i can defy all laws of this world
only wen u b wid me


On the top
Serene view enchants
Dark clouds above
Green world below

I fall from the cliff
On to the green
Heavenly waters fall
Creating crystals so clean

Cherish the gift
Nature gives
I long nothing
But a stay in it

My dream will come true
Forever it may take
In the laps of nature
Oneday i will sleep
With everything at stake

School - Memories

Leaving the hands that made me stand
Entering a sanatarium
I was alone
Saw many like my own

Deep within i  had a fear
I knew none over here
As time passed by i knew all
Waited for the end of vacations to near

The teachers were my second mothers
My mates my siblings
As the fear passed away with time
The school became my shrine

Years passed by
But i never knew why
Why i had to leave this place?
Why i had to leave my friends?

I want to experience the nostalgia
Meet my friends
Laugh at our foolishness
And cry why happy times  always end

Lost in journey - My Innocence

Sometimes back
Not so long ago
When we were young
When we were kids
Everyone we met were friends
We thought of them as saints

Young birds once
We learnt to fly
No enemies we knew
Flew into the vast sky

Time gave us intenlligence
Losing our teeth of innoncence
Teeth of wisdom we gained
Started judging our friends
What once were just birds
Became eagles n hens

I wish i could letgo this lesson
See everyone as friends
No judging them on how i feel
Let time tell it to me

Once burnt by milk
I fear even cheese
How do i lose this phobia
Live a life free of this

Time has changed me
A free bird i was
Now i m trapped in my eggshell
I have lost all my innocence
Barted it for my brainy self

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where is your humanity?

I searched the world
but found it in only a few
i travelled the world
saw nothing but fog and dew

when there was a clear blue sky
none cared for it
now all search for peace and sanity
for clear sky is all they plead
but i ask you where is your humanity

brothers and sisters
care for your fathers
care for your mothers
care for the others

everyone is sickened
down with selfishness n insanity
the belts need to be fastend
i ask you
where is your humanity?

Times Change

Going down the memory lanes 
i want to walk it once again 
relive the good old days 
and forget all my sufferings and pain 

everythng has changed 
the friends so innocent 
everything has matured 
we have learnt to pretend 

where are those days 
when we used to run around 
when we used to play on open grounds 
when we had true friends 
when even santa felt real 

times have changed 
now everything is different 
reality speaks on our face 
no one in this world is safe

Following Sin

Nowhere to go 
nowhere to hide 
you are trapped 
in the world of your own 

you followed the sins 
used everyone for your own selfish means 
now you pay for your deed 
betrayl, ego, greed 

everyone has left you 
sinful you had been 
for your own benefits 
you had turned to sin 

everyone were on the same boat 
a boat that capsized 
while you followed the currents 
other swam against to safety and survived 

you got back what you gave to others 
no one cared for you 
as you cared for none 

you are trapped 
in your world 
world full of sins 
world where its legal to use wrong means

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Open the doors

Look at the sky 
the stars are bright 
the heaven shines 
open the doors 
i want to come home 

i am lost in this world 
in this crowd of inhuman beings 
away from my home 
feels i am all alone 

selfless sacrifices i made 
no word was said 
no one tried to help me in the good deed 
i felt like an innocent child in this world of greed 

i promised to change this world 
i was an angel in heaven 
but am in a mortal 
trapped n cursed 
it was a blessing 
but has changed for worse 

open the doors mother 
i dont want to stay alone 
open the doors mother 
i want to come home

Dawn by the sea

Misty breeze from the sea 
the sun at the horizon 
the eternal light blinks at me 
feels i m on heaven 

the view so soothing 
never seen before 
hope that it remains like a photograph 
it has mesmerised me into its trap 

walking down the sand 
the gentle winds hitting my face 
the waves crashing at my feet 
the sand castles are gone without a trace 

the sun is bleeding from the clouds 
the inspiring ray of hope 
makes me forget all my sorrows 
helps me strive for a better tommorrow


On my last journey
leaving my mortal body to burn
my soul free of earthly bonds
i rise above

i see none disheartend
all mortals cherish my death
when a mortal i called them friends
now i see they were all fake

the ones who were real
are now immortal souls
waiting for me
in the world so different
different from the one i was in before

while i was on the mortal world
the mortals betrayed me
stabbed me in the back
although the wounds healed
but still i am reminded by the marks

my body is gone
and so are the wounds
but those on my soul exists
they arent healed

my immortal friends can help me
heal the wounds of my mortal life
the one for which i have an arcane hate
the life which i would like to forget

Paradise Island

Bright skies broken clouds 
makes me forget the past 
green pastures all around 
king ,i feel, i have been crowned 

Underneath the tall trees 
feels like my own home to sleep 
master of myself i feel 
with nothng to do 
i uproot a few weed 

Winds blowing at me 
animals, green grasses, birds so free 
these pure souls are my friends 
they ask me to stay forever 

I can seldom leave this island 
the island called paradise 
where flowers wake to the break of dawn 
where birds keep chirpng all day long 
where to wake up i dont need the sound of the gong 

This is where i wanted to be all long 
my dream place 
the place of eternal rest


When I look into the sky 
i see the mighty fire 
i want to fly 
fly into the sky 

smiling at me 
the blue sky is calling 
the lucky birds are up there 
the mist bodies are floating 

i wanna fly way up above the birds 
i want to sleep on the white beds 
its burning down here 
i need a cold place to rest 

Malignant tumor

I can see the light in your eye 
why do you want me to die? 
why do you stab me with a knife? 
why do you want to take my life? 

What did i do? 
Did i betray you? 
Or was i wrong the all time 

why is it that i am the one suffering when i did no wrong? 
why should i suffer without any fault? 
why should i be put to test? 
why should i be laid to rest? 

what did i do? 
who is at fault,me or you? 
why did you shoot me on my chest?


Wake up 
get up 
life's a bitch 
dont sleep 
life is as it is 

you are in a virtual world 
a world without existence 
you may be the god of your dreams 
but in reality you are not even the prince 

get out of your dreams 
get a life 
live your life 
life isnt a dream 
its a black hole 
sucking you deep within 

you dream about prince charming,castles on air 
it aint nothing but your dreamy lair 
you need to wake up 
to see that life is not fair

Lunar Eclipse

The sun has set 
the moon isnt seen 
it was supposed to rise 
this was predicted by the wise 
The moon isnt seen today 
its gloomy n dark 
people cant be seen 
they are hiding in the stark 

its an eclipse today 
the victory of darkness over light 
the shadow of the sun eats up the moon 
n now its right 

the moon borrows light from the sun 
but today the sun has snubbed it 
it has taken back its light 
n given its shadow back 

its the revenge of the sun 
cause the moon uses the selfless sun for its gain 
this has caused the sun,immense pain 
now the selfish moon is left to bite its lips 
its the time for the lunar eclipse

Monday, April 2, 2012

Unfair life

I am walking down the lane
which looks unfamiliar
dont know where it will lead me
to my goal or to the lions lair

i will have to take the risk
cause i dont have options left
i will have to tread this path
the path which is red

i am confused am i lost now
am i on the right track
my body is aching
n my bones seem to crack

i am tired of the apathy
only death can give me peace n sympathy
people have betrayed me
n now i am confusd

i lost trust in everyone including me
n now i am left all alone
under the shadow of a tree

i had detoured long back
n now i am at the lair
everyone who betrayed me reached their goals
n now life feels so unfair

A new begining

Walking through this ruins
i am back to the time when there was life
people walked through this land n tress grew around

now i see only destruction
nowhere any mortal signs
all i see is skulls n bones
which will be turned to coal

its time for a new begining
a world to be built from dust
i see only a faint light
is it the dawn or is it dusk

a world different from what it was before
a world without the hypocrites n d whores
a world full of hope
a new begining

i fear i am the only one left
i will have to put everything straight
its not going to be an easy task
but the world would be better than what it was

the world wasnt a place to live in
but i wasnt given an option
deep inside i always wanted to build a world
my own world
n its just the begining
a new begining

Bruised and Hurt

I am left bruised and hurt 
like a warrior after a war 
but in my case its my trust 
its broken now and it cant be mend 
i am left alone till the end 

i feel like a toy used till you lyk 
and when you are bored of me
just ditch me like you never wantd me 
it hurts to say that i loved you once 
like the roots loves its tree 

you made me promise that i wont leave you 
and promised the same 
i kept mine but you broke yours without shame 

sorry you say just for the sake 
it dosent affect me cause it matters no more 
my wounds have become numb and sore 

these wounds would take time to heal 
but i will have to uplift my will 
cause i have my whole life left to live
but i wont have anything to give