Thursday, January 31, 2013

You can never leave me

Running away from the truth
Peace of mind you seek
Come to me
I am all that you need

Let me enter
Show you your dreams
Turn you blind
Takeover you
Control you

I fulfilled your wish
You saw stars in your day trip
The universe at your feet
Hallucinating your illusions
Empowering your imagination

Show me your loyalty
Cause nothing comes free

I demand my price 
I am all you ever wanted
I am your God
You can never leave me

As you enter my quicksand
Struggle to come out
The more you move
The more you seep in

Wanted to run away from despair
Ran into me
You regret meeting me
I forgive you your sins
But you can never leave me

Your thoughts are my puppets
Your hatred is my effect
Try to run away
My clutches are too strong
I will pull you back
You can try to ignore my presence
But you can never leave me

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hope for the best
Expect the worst
Run for victory
Skip the hurdles

Love all
Trust blindly
Until the sword of deciet
Cuts through your back

Empty the gun
Keep the bullets
Lookout for enemies
Expect betrayl from all

In my abscence
In my presence
Betrayl is all i got
Together you changed my thought

I stand alone in a crowd of souls
Black are their hearts
And with thoughts so impure

The views of the past
My broken trust
Follow me haunt me
Waiting for me to rust

My belief so strong
Now all gone
Its only me who has to complete the journey
Open the rusted lock
A lock without a key

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shedding skin

Without my eyes i can see
There is insanity
In your heart
Deep inside your mind
You dwell on cruelty

In your arms i want to be
Stay still for eternity
Feel the warmth
Feel the love
Lay my heads down
Sleep with peace

Your vanising act
The broken pact
The sudden silence
Your subtle absence

My intutions
Nothing but true
I sensed the waves
Caught off guard
Too late to retract
Where do i go?

Attached strings to me
Toying with my emotions
Pulled me back
Clipped my strings

Wish i could flush out all the stress
Walk out of this sludge
Wish i could shed my skin
Break the chains
That shackles me from within

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Square one

Dreams blown in the wind
Hopes dashed away
Memories is all i gained
I am back to square one again

Playing the game
Never to win but for the joy
Live the moment
Abstract tears i cry

Drop me
Break me
Shatter me
Cant steal my memories from me
The reminisace of your oasean face
Amidst the desert of my state
Nothing but a mirage
Brings a smile on barren appearence

Rational thinking i never did
Irrationally on the highway i speed
Riding on my hope and dreams
They dashed and blew with the wind
Nothing did gain except memories and pain
And i am back to square one again

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Destroy me

The depth of my sorrows
Beneath my smile
The happiness i search
In the smallest thoughts

The fortune of luck
Seldom i had
I am not afraid
I am just a stone
On the edge of the mountain
Waiting to roll down
Waiting for your push
To destroy me

Destroy me
I have faith in you
Kill me
I live my life for you
Destroy me
I am all yours
Kill me
Cause i am nothing without you

Rebel against all
Stand by one
When the one leaves you
Just stand alone

Taken for granted
Smoke drunk
All i need is to forget
A pain called you

Just cant come to terms
Reality fails me
I always longed a friend
Ignorance is all i gained

Too drunk to answer your questions
Too sober to tell the truth
All my efforts were in vain
You destroyed me once again

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gasping for life

Silence is killing me
Ignorance is torturing
Mediocrity of the people
Unleashed upon me
The deceptive steps of your kin
Put in awful position
Defending against all
Respecting your descision
Holding the tears inside
Faking a smile for the world

Owe you a thanks
For all the memories
The moments with you
All my firsts and all my pains

Once i did see my dream in your eyes
You went about telling all
That my dream was a lie
Trust me
I was never hurt
But your ignorance has left me
Gasping for life

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wish you could stay

Blame you
Abuse you
Thats something i cant do

I opened my door
You entered
I tried my best
But could never enter yours

I aint hurt
Just sad that you could
never understand me
Wish you could stay

My texts were nothing but words for you
For my feelings you turned blind
You ignored me as much as you could
I tried to talk my hearts out
But you never understood
I tried to ignore your ignorance
I wish that i could
At the end you cleared my confusion
Told me the bitter truth

I wish that day when it all started would have never had come
But then i think sometimes life gives you a lesson

Wish there was something real in whatever you used to say
Wish you could have stayed

I wish i can be strong
To swallow the fire
And still stand and say
Pass me another one

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hovering over this earth
Some place far beyond
Into the eternal valleys
Over the green fields

The orange ball inspires me
The serene mist
The cold breeze
A place beautiful as home

Red fluid flows
Blue it was
Slow music
Once it flowed

I jump from the cliff
Into this serenity of thoughts
The water turns blue
Into the sky i flew

Friday, January 4, 2013

On the road

Your silence
Spoke what u thought
Your ignorance
Made me feel like a fool
I saw everything
I understood all
Prefered to ignore these signs
Tried all that i can

The swallow in the sky
Flies high
A free bird for all
Trapped in the mall

I will stay still
Like a rock on the hill
And when you call me
I will avalanche to you

I long to be
What i was before
I long to see
The real you
You keep hiding from me

The statue on the road
Directs me to go
On road that leads away from you

The faint light in the distant house
Guides me on my way
The only hope that i have left

Patiently i sit on the crossroad
Pondering where to go
To wait for you
Or walk on the road
That leads me away from you