Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sometimes we need to walk away

Day 4
So much of negativity around me
That surrounds me
That creates me
That destroys me

Hatred around me kills me slowly
You may dislike but never hate
Hatred creates negativity
Hatred is an overrated concept

Killing time in the negative delusions
Waiting for the endless to wake
Thoughts control your wicked imagination
No more of negativity i can take

And i will walk away from you
Against the law of nature
I am full of positives
While you are my contrary
Opposites must attract
But it repels me away

Out of luck

Day 3
Years of emptiness
Ten days of happiness
Wish those days were never over
Wish it was forever

I wished for the emptiness to wither away
Instead you walked away like the rains
Nowhere was i at fault
No one i blame

The mystical power eludes me
Destiny defines my life
When i thought i was luck was on my side
I was moving towards the other end of the shore

I should have known
I was draining my power
Moving too fast
I was running out of luck

On the couch

Day 2
Sleeping on the couch
Watching the box
It makes me an idiot
Or thats what i was taught

It never made sense
It never had to
It was just a medium to kill time
When i wanted to

Sleeping on the couch
Looking up through the transparent view
The blue sea of air is clear
So are the questioning thoughts in my mind
Searching for an answer
Life's biggest question
Who am i?
A special person or
Am i just another guy?

You would never answer
I could never find
The answer to the question
I turn onto my side
And i continue my impendable task

On the couch

Start to finish

Part of the 30 day 30 poetry
Day 1

At the start it felt so lonely
None could i see
None with me
Empty roads
No goals

My life missed a soul
Saw came n walked besides me
Mild breeze blowing her hair
Thought i was not lonely anymore

Well i was wrong just like before
From the start to finish
Walking through the path alone
I know i always will
People come and go
While we stand still