Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My regeret

Meetng her i thought i had found my soulmate 
but now i know i was standing at the wrong gate 
friends warned me that she isnt theone for u 
but i coudnt look through her veil for me, new 

talking to her the most 
becoming for my friends, a ghost 
i regret it now 
and i cant say how 

my fault my mistake 
i admit i was wrong in my take 
friendship is the relation which comes at fore 
but my mistake i cant deny anymore 

now i feel that she was a betrayer 
she was not the one i was waiting for
i wish i could change my past 
but my past is less n the future is vast 
i will have to forget her lies 
n live my life keepng in mind my friends' advice

Monday, October 17, 2011


Alone in this world 
locked in an enclosure of my thoughts 
i feel so lonely n cold 
staring at the walls are the only work i got  
all mortals are for themselves 
greedy selfish mean 
i tried to live for others 
but sadistic my life has been

now i know that i need to live on my own ,all alone 
people say i have changd 
now i have become their clone 
no one understands me 
no one worthy of my trust 
people hate me now 
i hate them back 
there is hate all around
but still i am alone

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Lost in my thoughts 
dont know where my mind is now 
its dark inside and i am completely lost 
no path i see where i can tread 
friends are my only help 
but sum of them for me are dead 
but i guess i am only left for myself 
like the picture stand on my shelf
dont know where my mind will take me 
but sumthng inside tells me 
every path in this world is wrong 

i need to discover the right ones 
the ones people abandoned forever 
no living soul has treaded the path never 
i need to discover dem to show mankind 
whats right n whats wrong by staying behind
otherwise i would be suppressed by the strong
cause people tend to choose the wrong 
it will take time and maybe a little too long
one day people will know to choose the right
but i may not live to see that day's light

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mother nature's fury

This weather is the result of human deed 
cutting down forests without planting a seed 
people think that they can get away with this 
but mother nature never forgives 

Today there is heat in October 
the time when it is supposed to be the start of winter 
there are famines and draughts everywhere 
but we tend to ignore n rest in our wooden chair 

Food shortage ,farmer's suicide 
they are just news for us 
cause we have tend to ignore our own vice 
throwing away money to suppress our consience 
but thing responsible is human being, technology n science 

Afforestation ,recycling 
are the only option 
cause mother nature has started taking revenge in the form of destruction 
stand up cause its now or never 
otherwise we humans would lose our existance forever