Monday, April 2, 2012

Unfair life

I am walking down the lane
which looks unfamiliar
dont know where it will lead me
to my goal or to the lions lair

i will have to take the risk
cause i dont have options left
i will have to tread this path
the path which is red

i am confused am i lost now
am i on the right track
my body is aching
n my bones seem to crack

i am tired of the apathy
only death can give me peace n sympathy
people have betrayed me
n now i am confusd

i lost trust in everyone including me
n now i am left all alone
under the shadow of a tree

i had detoured long back
n now i am at the lair
everyone who betrayed me reached their goals
n now life feels so unfair

A new begining

Walking through this ruins
i am back to the time when there was life
people walked through this land n tress grew around

now i see only destruction
nowhere any mortal signs
all i see is skulls n bones
which will be turned to coal

its time for a new begining
a world to be built from dust
i see only a faint light
is it the dawn or is it dusk

a world different from what it was before
a world without the hypocrites n d whores
a world full of hope
a new begining

i fear i am the only one left
i will have to put everything straight
its not going to be an easy task
but the world would be better than what it was

the world wasnt a place to live in
but i wasnt given an option
deep inside i always wanted to build a world
my own world
n its just the begining
a new begining

Bruised and Hurt

I am left bruised and hurt 
like a warrior after a war 
but in my case its my trust 
its broken now and it cant be mend 
i am left alone till the end 

i feel like a toy used till you lyk 
and when you are bored of me
just ditch me like you never wantd me 
it hurts to say that i loved you once 
like the roots loves its tree 

you made me promise that i wont leave you 
and promised the same 
i kept mine but you broke yours without shame 

sorry you say just for the sake 
it dosent affect me cause it matters no more 
my wounds have become numb and sore 

these wounds would take time to heal 
but i will have to uplift my will 
cause i have my whole life left to live
but i wont have anything to give

Friends to the rescue

People change with time
i havent changed much by myself
but people have changed me
so why do you blame me?

beer ciggrette booze
i never wanted these
but now my blood oozes
and i have no option left

drugs are my only friend
they never betray me
they always take me to the place i dreamt of

people stabbed me on my back
i am all blue n black
from my body my blood oozes
and my friends have come to heal me
beer ciggrette and booze