Thursday, March 7, 2013

Travel away

I am waiting at the airport
For the plane to land
Kept apart for so long
Delay i dint want

Reading a novel in the lobby
Kept looking at the clock
Impatient for her return
Wanted to look at her

She chose to travel far
Be away from us
Attachment she dint want
She chose to keep quiet

Want to talk my hearts out
Cant muster the courage
Thought i could look at her
Even if she never spoke for ages

Confusion due to her thoughts
I chose to ignore
Could cut off my thoughts
But not the relapse

She was like drug to me
A drug to make me smile
I was too addicted to her
Rehab became my only home

I left that place long back
Now i am back to the shore
Kept looking at the waves
Crashing at my feet
Imagining the dream that i saw
My dream that she was in

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