Saturday, October 15, 2011


Lost in my thoughts 
dont know where my mind is now 
its dark inside and i am completely lost 
no path i see where i can tread 
friends are my only help 
but sum of them for me are dead 
but i guess i am only left for myself 
like the picture stand on my shelf
dont know where my mind will take me 
but sumthng inside tells me 
every path in this world is wrong 

i need to discover the right ones 
the ones people abandoned forever 
no living soul has treaded the path never 
i need to discover dem to show mankind 
whats right n whats wrong by staying behind
otherwise i would be suppressed by the strong
cause people tend to choose the wrong 
it will take time and maybe a little too long
one day people will know to choose the right
but i may not live to see that day's light

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