Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My regeret

Meetng her i thought i had found my soulmate 
but now i know i was standing at the wrong gate 
friends warned me that she isnt theone for u 
but i coudnt look through her veil for me, new 

talking to her the most 
becoming for my friends, a ghost 
i regret it now 
and i cant say how 

my fault my mistake 
i admit i was wrong in my take 
friendship is the relation which comes at fore 
but my mistake i cant deny anymore 

now i feel that she was a betrayer 
she was not the one i was waiting for
i wish i could change my past 
but my past is less n the future is vast 
i will have to forget her lies 
n live my life keepng in mind my friends' advice

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