Friday, November 25, 2011

Destroyed by our own

Our country was hailed as the best place on earth
where we lived in peace n harmony
a civilization thousands of years old
where we used to have leaders on thrones of gold

times have changed much
the case isnt still the same
our leaders have thrones of gold
n black money which they take without a shame

we are young n intelligent
but still we are fools
cause our leaders
use us as their tool

tools of destruction n hatred
tools which are ready to kill our fellow beings
tools which makes the river red
tools of their trade

they insitigate us
n religion is the name
we follow them without a thought
which we musnt ought

regionalism, castism is what they preach
a lesson in humanity to them sumone ought to teach
they make brothers kill brothers
they make ppl beat others
the reason they give is illogical n fake
but still we follow their take

politician is their name
our new leaders
who have made killing mortals a game
we have to put our thought to process
cause we have to make this world a better place

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