Friday, November 4, 2011

We are all Hypocrites

You do not follow what you preach 
you are a liar, a betrayer 
you change the rules when you lose 
wrong means you tend to choose 

krishna, gandhi, we all 
everyone's a hypocrite to an extent 
we fake ourselves in front of others to avoid shame 
we make promises 
we break promises
n say promises are meant to be broken 
we hate posers but we are one of them 

we fail to see our faults 
but tend to find faults in others 
people dont tend to bother 
we advice others not to lie
but when we do, its a white one
we smoke , we drink
but when our children do so
we scold them and be mean

time to change our attitude 
cause only we can change d world 
this hypocritic world

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