Monday, April 2, 2012

A new begining

Walking through this ruins
i am back to the time when there was life
people walked through this land n tress grew around

now i see only destruction
nowhere any mortal signs
all i see is skulls n bones
which will be turned to coal

its time for a new begining
a world to be built from dust
i see only a faint light
is it the dawn or is it dusk

a world different from what it was before
a world without the hypocrites n d whores
a world full of hope
a new begining

i fear i am the only one left
i will have to put everything straight
its not going to be an easy task
but the world would be better than what it was

the world wasnt a place to live in
but i wasnt given an option
deep inside i always wanted to build a world
my own world
n its just the begining
a new begining

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