Monday, April 2, 2012

Bruised and Hurt

I am left bruised and hurt 
like a warrior after a war 
but in my case its my trust 
its broken now and it cant be mend 
i am left alone till the end 

i feel like a toy used till you lyk 
and when you are bored of me
just ditch me like you never wantd me 
it hurts to say that i loved you once 
like the roots loves its tree 

you made me promise that i wont leave you 
and promised the same 
i kept mine but you broke yours without shame 

sorry you say just for the sake 
it dosent affect me cause it matters no more 
my wounds have become numb and sore 

these wounds would take time to heal 
but i will have to uplift my will 
cause i have my whole life left to live
but i wont have anything to give

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