Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ganesha - A Myth

Son of shiva
The master of the universe
I am the elephant headed god
Lord Ganesh

Riding the mighty rat
Going around the world
Decapitated by my Father
Unknown that i was his own

Lords searched the world
Searching a mortal's head facing north
Elephant they found
Gifted me its tete

Raced with my brother
To run around the world
Intelligent n witty i am
I ran around my world on my mighty rat
Whilst he ran around his world
On his graceful vehicle

A symbol of intelligence
A inspiration of the world
Believers are never dejected
Granting whatever they wish for

Hypothetical mythical
Yet people believe my existence
Look for someone on their back
For menial jobs of their own

A creation of people's thoughts
Still existing since centuries
Until these foolish mortals use their own thoughts
Question my mere existence
Throw away the superstious following
Live a life of their own

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