Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lost in journey - My Innocence

Sometimes back
Not so long ago
When we were young
When we were kids
Everyone we met were friends
We thought of them as saints

Young birds once
We learnt to fly
No enemies we knew
Flew into the vast sky

Time gave us intenlligence
Losing our teeth of innoncence
Teeth of wisdom we gained
Started judging our friends
What once were just birds
Became eagles n hens

I wish i could letgo this lesson
See everyone as friends
No judging them on how i feel
Let time tell it to me

Once burnt by milk
I fear even cheese
How do i lose this phobia
Live a life free of this

Time has changed me
A free bird i was
Now i m trapped in my eggshell
I have lost all my innocence
Barted it for my brainy self

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