Friday, December 28, 2012


Entiled power
Fatal use
Against the masses
Selfish cause

Instigating the people
On the grounds of religion
Turning people against each other
On the grounds of region

The golden bird is no more
Our Motherland is run by whores
Everything is a game
Rules only you change

Constitution is just a book
Nothing but ancient rules
Laws are made by illiternate fools
No use to nail goons

Making a mockery of issues
Giving your shit opinions to be in the news
Hypocrisy is your weapon
Who needs terrorist
When we got you

Showing up during elections
Putting up masks to address our problems
Fake words
False sympathy
Hibernating for years
Shedding fake tears

Manipulating the masses
Spreading choas
Triggering insanity
Stealing our wealth

High time
We take a stand
Revolt against you
Put an end to your motherfucking plans
Pull the trigger
Shoot you on your face

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