Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Life is so funny
A few moments ago you were
my best friend
my love
And now you call me a stranger

You confuse me
You are a puzzle
I gave my best
Now what more did you expect

I tried to talk when you were sad
I tried to speak when you were quiet
I held your hand when we walked
I kissed you when you were alone

I did everything i could
I tried everything i should
Yet you fail to understand me
Ignoring me is all that you could do

I want to be with you
To stand by you
I want to hug you when you feel lonely
To let you know
Come may whatever
I will be there for you

Hope you are listening
Hope that you can hear my heart
Hope that you will understand
I love you for being the person you are

I hope that the sun will shine
After this dreadful night
The flowers will bloom in the desert
And i hope that we will survive this storm

Hope its all that i have
Hope keeps me alive
Hope makes me who i am
And because of this hope
I am at this place
The place where i stand

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