Friday, January 4, 2013

On the road

Your silence
Spoke what u thought
Your ignorance
Made me feel like a fool
I saw everything
I understood all
Prefered to ignore these signs
Tried all that i can

The swallow in the sky
Flies high
A free bird for all
Trapped in the mall

I will stay still
Like a rock on the hill
And when you call me
I will avalanche to you

I long to be
What i was before
I long to see
The real you
You keep hiding from me

The statue on the road
Directs me to go
On road that leads away from you

The faint light in the distant house
Guides me on my way
The only hope that i have left

Patiently i sit on the crossroad
Pondering where to go
To wait for you
Or walk on the road
That leads me away from you

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