Friday, January 11, 2013

Wish you could stay

Blame you
Abuse you
Thats something i cant do

I opened my door
You entered
I tried my best
But could never enter yours

I aint hurt
Just sad that you could
never understand me
Wish you could stay

My texts were nothing but words for you
For my feelings you turned blind
You ignored me as much as you could
I tried to talk my hearts out
But you never understood
I tried to ignore your ignorance
I wish that i could
At the end you cleared my confusion
Told me the bitter truth

I wish that day when it all started would have never had come
But then i think sometimes life gives you a lesson

Wish there was something real in whatever you used to say
Wish you could have stayed

I wish i can be strong
To swallow the fire
And still stand and say
Pass me another one

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