Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shedding skin

Without my eyes i can see
There is insanity
In your heart
Deep inside your mind
You dwell on cruelty

In your arms i want to be
Stay still for eternity
Feel the warmth
Feel the love
Lay my heads down
Sleep with peace

Your vanising act
The broken pact
The sudden silence
Your subtle absence

My intutions
Nothing but true
I sensed the waves
Caught off guard
Too late to retract
Where do i go?

Attached strings to me
Toying with my emotions
Pulled me back
Clipped my strings

Wish i could flush out all the stress
Walk out of this sludge
Wish i could shed my skin
Break the chains
That shackles me from within

1 comment:

Nida Fatima said...

Beautiful poem. I wish I could write in such a poetic way.