Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Destroy me

The depth of my sorrows
Beneath my smile
The happiness i search
In the smallest thoughts

The fortune of luck
Seldom i had
I am not afraid
I am just a stone
On the edge of the mountain
Waiting to roll down
Waiting for your push
To destroy me

Destroy me
I have faith in you
Kill me
I live my life for you
Destroy me
I am all yours
Kill me
Cause i am nothing without you

Rebel against all
Stand by one
When the one leaves you
Just stand alone

Taken for granted
Smoke drunk
All i need is to forget
A pain called you

Just cant come to terms
Reality fails me
I always longed a friend
Ignorance is all i gained

Too drunk to answer your questions
Too sober to tell the truth
All my efforts were in vain
You destroyed me once again

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