Thursday, January 31, 2013

You can never leave me

Running away from the truth
Peace of mind you seek
Come to me
I am all that you need

Let me enter
Show you your dreams
Turn you blind
Takeover you
Control you

I fulfilled your wish
You saw stars in your day trip
The universe at your feet
Hallucinating your illusions
Empowering your imagination

Show me your loyalty
Cause nothing comes free

I demand my price 
I am all you ever wanted
I am your God
You can never leave me

As you enter my quicksand
Struggle to come out
The more you move
The more you seep in

Wanted to run away from despair
Ran into me
You regret meeting me
I forgive you your sins
But you can never leave me

Your thoughts are my puppets
Your hatred is my effect
Try to run away
My clutches are too strong
I will pull you back
You can try to ignore my presence
But you can never leave me

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